How 9am works ?

We provide support to the industries for growth in the efficiency, profit, productivity etc. we provide a platform based on the combination of web and mobile application so you can send/receive all the necessary information required while on work keeping in mind the needs of company and field staff .

Story behind the app

9am is an Integrated Field Staff Management & Customer Care System conceptualized by Users with decades of experience in Customer Care / Relationship Management & designed by IT veterans. Genesis of the application lies in the problems faced by the designers of this application as they ran there own Sales & Service company. 9am is an application that they wished they had when they ran the service company.

9am focuses these Issues & Resolution of Operational Issues faced by the Customer Care Companies as they execute their business. The design philosophy of 9am is to provide a win-win platform to all stakeholders the Company - their clients - staff & to eleminate the "Friction" poits between them.

Managers managing Field Teams face the issue of limited knowledge of exact locations of their team as they try to manage allocation of tasks. With 9am, this information will just be a click away, the managers will be able to take informed decisions as they allocate resources to tasks. This improves response time and brings down the Conveyance Expense for the company, a win-win for both the Customer and the Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the upfront payment to get 9am product?

To start with 9am product you dont have to pay anything for the first month . You may sign up, choose your package start using it. You will definatly like it, to contniue further pay against the invoice generated. If not, we thank you for your consideration and precious time.

Apart from field staff tracking system, What else can 9am help me with ?

9am is not only an Employee tracking system but can also act as:
1. Work management software
2. Work scheduling software
3. Attendance management software
4. Invoice generation and many more.

Do I have to give my Credit Card details during subscription?

No. 9am web portal or any of it's agents will never ask for your Credit Card or Banking details. We do not store any credit card details of our customers. You will be required to give your card / banking details only during the time when you make payments on secure 3rd party Payment Gateway.

Can the other User Companies of 9am access my client Data?

No. Every User Company has it's own physical database & it is not possible for anyone to access your database of Clients or even know where your database resides. We ensure absolute secrecy while handling User Data, even 9am Administrators have no access to Client database.

Do I have to buy Hardware to start using 9am?

No. 9am is a subscription based Cloud Hosted solution, we will install an unique instance of 9am when you sign up for subscription. The solution has two components one is hosted by us on out Cloud server and the mobile app can be installed on your Android mobiles.

What is the Affiliate Program and what's in there for me?

9am runs an Affiliate program where you can en-roll as a 're-seller' of 9am services. Whenever you sign-up a new paid customer to 9am, you will start getting paid for every paid invoice by the customer you sign-up. These payments will continue till the customer stays with 9am. There is no capping on the number of customers you can sign-up with your affiliate code. You can start earning through 9am as you work from home & never have to be in office to do so.

"Friends are assets, en-cash them!!"

What is the fee to en-roll into the Affiliate Program?

No. There is no Fee to en-roll into the Affiliate program, though you could start earning from the first day you en-roll into the program.

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