Field Staff Management Software

" You want a solution , we give you a solution   9am - Track Your Field Staff . "


Our mission is to enhancing the business growth of our customers by 9AM. Our mission is to deliver ideal product with quality at reasonable prices. For us customer satisfaction is on first priority. We are very friendly in our dealings to the customers and it helps us to keep existing clients and multiply customer circle.


Our vision to provide the best Information Technology benefits to the clients globally, increasing efficiency, profits and customer satisfaction index through 9am platform, constantly evolving the services according to needs of our potential customers to become world class renowned product and also ensure continuous improvement in employees personal and professional growth.


We at 9am are concerned about producing the most at the time of work, we believe in utilization of time and also providing a platform to companies which believe in the same. As for each and every business time values money ,a cost that is being spent to run that company but a few people comprise with their time hence leading to compromise on performance , profit and productivity of company .

The thinkers of 9am spotted a loop where mobile assets played an important role which is difficult to spot and control, an innovative idea of using technology used in day to day life and implementing the idea of tracking the mobile assets using their mobile smart phones, which is used by almost every person. integrating lots technologies and ideas with dedication and concern to provide the industries a solution to control these issues arising and all the important tools and services needed by the companies in general researching on what all things are required by the field , the issues faced by them in day to day life while they are out for work. To provide the benefits to company, fields staff and customer. The makers of 9am wants to spread the word and knowledge so that this issues faced by the industries due to mobile assets can be minimized by using 9am field staff management system and a growth in customer satisfaction and performance of company can be observed, wasteful expenses can be minimized leading to increase in profits of the company hence very cost-effective services are provided by the company.