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Client Location

   The client location is spotted on the map so that the field staff doesn't wastes time on asking or locating the exact location of the client ad reaches the location without wasting much on locating it along with the details of the client like phone number and address and the field staff can call directly from the app. For example : Mark is a technician , he is on field most on the time he gets his leads through a manager sitting in the office , The manager calls up mark and tells him about a technical work which is to be performed at a location which is assigned to mark or mark works in but this time the location is new to markand he is not familiar with the location mark completes his current work , calls back the manager and asks for the xact location and route he has to take for the completion of new job assigned to him in a new location manager explains him the way through maps which he opened from his system , mark reaches the locality but could not find the place of work he calls back the manager but the manager is busy assisting other field technician and other customers , mark keeps waiting till the manager calls him back for the route further , but in case of 9am manger has to assign him a task from his dashboard and a notification is sent to mark, mark receives notification opens the new task there he sees an option locate map, this map shows him the way to the new workplace and Mark reaches the place without wasting time or calling anyone in the office for routes.   

Task Assignment

   The field staff gets the update of task assigned to them by the administrator along with the sequence, which removes confusion and repetitions of routes. This also removes the extra travel path of the field staff. Task assignment through 9am is easy an simple the administrator has a dashboard on his system on which he sees different options , in these options he sees different field he has to fill in the details required like address, name , phone number , type of work to be performed at the customer’s end . the page also shows an option to assign the task made to a particular staff member this decision is made manually by the manager or administrator for better judgement of assignment according to staff timings and performance . for example : a field staff is 2 km away from job and another one is 3 km away but the time estimation of both the staff different the one who is 3 km away finishes the task early so the decision of choice is on the administrator entirely , the administrator when assigns this task to the staff , he/she receives this notification on his 9am app installed in his/her mobile with all necessary details .   


   Generated automatic invoice/estimate quotes according to the pre-defined products and services offered by the company, uses their costs with taxes and discount applicable on them and system also shows the overdue of the customer if any payment is pending against any customer , "BECAUSE YOU CAN FORGET BUT THE SYSTEM DOESN'T". AND CUSTOMER SIGNATURE'S ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE AND SAVE A PAYMENT ALONG WITH DELIGHT CODE. Delight codes are automated codes generated by the system randomly each time for different feedbacks which are sent on customers mobile number so that the field staff is unaware of the kind of feedback given by the customer and the company gets a real feedback along with customer’s comment , so that you get a true picture and area of improvement to enhance the popularity and flourish your business at new heights. And this also gives a clear invoicing picture to the customer given by the company and fills in the gap between the customer and company building a strong relation with your customer.   


   When Field Staff starts a new task, he has to press a Start button. Web admin will be intimated that the Task is “in progress” as soon as this button is pressed. Staff has to click “Suspend” or “Close” Task to switch to next task. Module captures time spent per Task per Staff giving valuable insight into average time/cost per task and a performance matrix for the staff. This gives the admin a clear picture of each employee and an estimation time window to the customer ringing for work , according to different timing of work assigned to different staff on field along with there locations makes it easy for the administrator to get a clear picture of different field staff at different locations doing particular work with estimated time they will take to complete the task.   

Quick Resolution

   Quick resolution time Enables first time right through knowledge management as field team has a better understanding of customer complaint before visiting customer premise. Because the details provided to the employees at time of allocation has the details of job to be performed at the customer’s place Multiple visits not required for complaint closure.   

Live Tracking

   GPS locations are tracked without internet, cell tower triangulation tracking used when there is no GPS available. You never lose track of your Field Staff. It also gives you total track covered by the field staff on job.9am uses “satellite time” and not the mobile local time. Web administrator always gets correct time and data integrity is maintained. Even when the mobile is out of network range or gprs range the locations and data gets stored in the phone automatically and gets sync whenever the phone comes back into the network range so there is no way of missing a location of field staff . for eg: A field is out for maintenance in a basement between high rise buildings and there is no network connectivity in that case the administrator won’t be getting that live feed of location of the employee , but the data of location of work won’t be lost , because it will be getting stored into 9 am software as soon as the mobile gets into the network range the whole data is sent to the administrators window. Showing each and every detail he was missing on.   


   Schedule the right work to the right field staff in a single click while filling the details of job and customer , by selecting the right field staff nearest to location or the staff which will finish his/her job sooner TO TRAVEL time & EXPENSES MADE , Now you can create group of your field staff based on location using 9am. This is totally customizable, which means that you can use it to create groups based on skills, experience or any other parameter. 9am scheduler helps you instantly appoint new employments with its wide usefulness and instinctive configuration. A single click is all that is required to view significant ticket details and help you on planning the right field staff. Basically assigning the employment against the field staff name, enter the assessed length of time of the job – and you are done! The new 9am scheduler keeps you on top of your group's exercises with capacity to see the status of the employment – without a single click. Field Status overhauls get in a split second redesigned in view of characterized shading codes, accordingly making a 'warmth guide' of your day by day jobs.   

Time Management & Distance Covered

   Get the details of time spent by individual employee on a particular job, to get the efficiency of each employee per task to manage your time properly and helps in the estimation of next job visit & also gives the data of distance travelled by the employee each day to simplfy the calculation of travel allowance of each employee each day. Neither the employee nor the administrator has to make and hassle of calculating keeping track and note of travelled path.We have designed the 9am software for welfare of both employee and employer.this time management will reflect the performance and the employee can see the status and make out his own area of improvement for better working.   

Field Staff Information

   9am mobile app collects information about the staff and sends them to web admin. Information like GPS location, current active Task, time spent per task, status of the mobile adapters (GPS, GPRS, Battery, etc.) All received data is compiled into actionable intelligence. SO THAT YOU EXACTLY KNOW THAT WHERE IS YOUR ASSET AND HOW IS YOUR TIME BEING UTILISED. And it is also beneficial to the field staff to give a clear information of this mobile asset that the actual scenario is visible to the administrator and he can distinguish between the sincere and insincere employees working on field so that nobody else sufferes dues to insincerity of a few people and actual issues. For example : there are two field boys out for work on field one switches off the gprs or gps intensionally and reports that the phone is switched on but there is a problem with the app in that case the administrator knows the actual status of the phone that what is being done or where the problem is.   

Attendance Management

   Automated Attendance System through which the field staff can mark there attendance through the app in just a click of a button . Maintain there records of attendance because the moment they mark the attendance the system starts working and the attendance will come along with the location details so that the administrator knows that the staff is on job. A lot of times the field staff are at the place of work on field and they cannot report for there attendance in the office ,the maintenance of attendance becomes difficult and some insincere employees take an advantage of this leading to not reporting on time or making lot of difference in job timings , so 9 am provides a resolution.