Field Staff Management Software

" You want a solution , we give you a solution   9am - Track Your Field Staff . "

What do we do?

We provide support to the industries for growth in the efficiency, profit, productivity etc. we provide a platform based on the combination of web and mobile application so you can send/receive all the necessary information required while on work keeping in mind the needs of company and field staff .

We provide modules for assigning tasks to the field staff through web admin page with all the required information of client they need before visiting, and they can provide information of each step they are performing while working on field. Our belief is to save time and money by utilization of our assets properly and a company should know details of all the mobile assets whenever needed. we also have modules through which the company can see the information of location covered or where the field staff has been between time and date required, invoices generated by the mobile assets, profit and loss calculation in a single view, sending quick emails reading comments made by field staff payments collected by them, and reports required by the company made by the performance of the company.

We have tried to think in every way possible to provide the best solution for management, and created 9am Field Staff Management software to support the field staff industry to work even better and tried to remove friction points which are generally faced by the people with field staff .
We know that nothing remain perfect there is always an area of improvement , people using can revert us back with their opinions for the area of improvement and support, people still looking out for can join through our website and start using it .