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How does it work for me?

A "9am Affiliate" is our Brand Ambassador. He pitches our services to Potential Customers he knows well or not-so-well & facilitates their joining 9am Product Services as paid customers.

Affiliate Registration is at Zero Cost, we have no authorized Agents to facilitate your registration as an Affiliate.

9AM Affiliate program offers the person to earn money online in India. Affiliate marketing India is catching up to make money from home, office etc. and is being a good source to earn money online without investment. Affiliate marketing program with 9AM does not require any website or the affiliate to own a company, no matter who you are , what you do. if you generate revenue for 9am , the company share 10% of revenue generated.

9am Affiliate Portal is provided to every Affiliate to manage his customers. An elaborate listing of all customers with their Invoice details can be viewed by the Affiliate to maintain complete transparency. Affiliate gets 10% of Total Monthly Invoice of all the customers brought by him. This amount gets accumulated in the Affiliate account and can be withdrawn "at will".

The 9am Affiliate can access marketing material / Trainings on the affiliate portal. We provide priority email support service to our partners so that they can bring in more paid customers for mutually beneficial transactions.

Registration is simple easy to make it convenient to all. You just need to leave your most essential details of your identity for our registration such as your Name, phone number, e-mail id and a password. Once you have activated your account, you may provide additional information at your will and convenience.